Pushing a player around - pushplayer.nut

author: http://leeland.info
Allows you to add a velocity vector to any player via trigger. 
Call it from a trigger with something like
OnStartTouch !activator runscriptcode OurPushPlayer(0,0,400)
OnStartTouch !activator runscriptcode OurPushPlayer(-200,100,400)

A note on values, 4096 is the maximum velocity, values below 250 don't move the player at all. 
Z Values around 700 will incap, 1000 or so will prove fatal


function OurPushPlayer(x,y,z) {
   local addv = Vector(x,y,z); // 4096 max velocity, anything higher is clamped
   local v = self.GetVelocity()

// slip in a reference to our function in the global table so we can access from all objects,
// *technique to use sparingly! Your function could overwrite another. Name uniquely to try and avoid conflicts*
::OurPushPlayer <- OurPushPlayer;
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