Dreamgear PS2 Keyboard retracable cord How-to

Dreamgear PS2 Keyboard retracable cord How-to
Use these and any other instructions at your own risk. If you fry your computer or anything else, it your problem not mine!

Until i get my center console squared away and finish up my motorized keyboard, I wanted some input solution to start playing with the carpc.

I came across the Dreamgear Minikey keyboard for the PS2 on MP3Car.com. Basically a tiny usb keyboard.

Not too bad, but it would be nice if it were wireless. I start thinking about this and decide it's too much effort. Retractable? That seems like the way to go.

So I look around at the various USB retractable extension cables. They all seem the same, so I head to the RadioShack down the street and pick one up.

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